Ways to balance composition for the layout of a website

November 10, 2014 • Best Graphic and Web Design Blog • Views: 1,109

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The process of website designing is a lengthy one which encapsulates areas like wire framing and typography. By evaluating the entire composition of your website, you get a better idea as to how your website will appear to its users. Let’s have a look at some of the ways of balancing composition for a website’s layout.

  • Make use of grid: Grid system is one of the best methods to ensure that your web page has a good scale of balance. By making use of a grid system to evaluate the positions of various elements of a page, you get to build a connection between distinct elements of your web page. This helps provide an orderly look to your layout, thereby providing the reader with a good structural reference. This becomes essential when all the elements of a page are connected with each other.
  • Make use of white space: Newbie designers have a habit of utilising every bit of space on their web page. To make your webpage look appealing, it is advisable that you leave out some of the elements instead of just stuffing things. By providing some space around the elements, you can help make your layout appear more balanced and composed. Use negative space when you have a structure that ties the content together. Do not use white space as it can also lead to a sense of disengagement among the elements of the page when done in a haphazard manner.
  • Select a single focal point: Selecting a single focal point can prove to be one of the most effective methods to deliver a sense of balance to your website. One example through which you can achieve this is by using a single large image as the largest element on a web page. An impressive visual can prove to be a powerful method to direct the reader to your page. At the same time, it also provides you a structural element around which you can arrange the content of your layout.
  • Follow hierarchy: One of the main approaches to attain layout balance is to follow a good hierarchy. After managing the structure, it becomes important that the content pieces are arranged according to a hierarchy, with the most important ones being on the top of the page. Analyse the various elements that make your page and decide which one is most essential. Utilize this element to provide a structural backbone to the other elements on your page.
  • Repeat the elements of design: Repetition can offer a great sense of interlinked design and a good way to balance a composition. By reusing a design or motif throughout the layout, you can provide your reader a reference so that distinct areas of the web page feel linked and at the same time appear to be a part of the same composition.

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