Ways to Increase User Engagement Through Website Revamping

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Modern web design is so much more than just good looking. A web design has got to be engaging and hold the user’s interest and guide the user in carrying out a certain action, or series of actions. Fundamental design techniques such as balance, hierarchy, color, contrast, shape, form, unity/harmony etc.

It all helps us to enhance the user engagement, and therefore “design” can be so valuable.

Page animation-

Exact animations added to a content as you scroll down a web page can help the user to focus his attention and really draw them into your content as they scroll down your website. The key with this technique is to use it carefully, as used in excess it can have the opposite effect, and really distract the user from your story.

Videos at background-

Full-width background videos are becoming a commonplace on the web. Often performed within banners on the homepage they can be extremely powerful at driving across a companies intended message and grabbing a visitor’s interest.

Introductory videos-

Another good engagement device can be the use of introduction videos. These are useful if you sell a service or if you want to implement a more personal touch to your visitors. Quite often a short welcome/intro to your company website from the Managing Director can help connect visitors with your business.

Insert social sharing opportunities

It is often assumed that the first page of a website, someone will see is the homepage, but this is not completely true. People will most likely find your website from various locations, from blog posts, entries on social media or comments on review sites etc. To increase traffic, page rank in search engines & drive conversions, it is important not only to participate in but also actively encourage this kind of audience support and engagement.

Just as with a successful call-to-action the more noticeable your social buttons are, the more users will interact with them. These methods are also an excellent way to provide a bridge for an ongoing connection, encouraging users to return once they have long departed from your website.

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