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  • Website redesign requires a good reason

    Posted on October 9, 2019 , Best Web Development Blog, Views: 70

    Website redesign requires good reason

    A website redesign is a measure designed to solve problems with traffic or conversion, brand formation, lack of income from project activities. Most often, a redesign becomes a forced decision when it is impossible to fix the situation in other ways. For example, when certain elements of the site have lost their relevance or do not correspond to the chosen direction of its development.

    Also, the redesign is “shown” when changing the owner of a web resource, especially if the plans are to change the subject. And even large-scale Internet projects are periodically decided to change the “image”, preserving the corporate identity, but bringing a fresh note to it pname com skype raider, following modern trends.


    Redesign: how much it is needed

    Nevertheless, a change in site design is similar to shock therapy – in small doses, it can be useful, in large doses it can lead to death. That is, replacing the design can cause the site to lose its already won positions, since all pages will need to be re-indexed, and this always takes some time.

    Moreover, the redesign is not always positively perceived by the audience of the site. To assess the real attitude of the audience towards such transformations, it is worth starting a survey on the resource forum. And if visitors do not want changes, you need to seriously think about the need for a redesign.


    Precautionary measures

    Coming up with the redesign of the site, it should be remembered that inadvertent actions can lead to the site losing its position in the search results. In particular, such actions include:

    • domain change (unless the former fell under the ban / AGS or the conditions on the new one do not have cardinal differences for the better)
    • change of CMS
    • full replacement or significant changes to the content – at least, such actions will lead to an assimilation of the site’s position in the issuance
    • the appearance of duplicate pages (they should be monitored and isolated from falling into the issue).


    Targets and goals

    The main purpose of the redesign is to increase the profitability/prospects of monetizing the site. And here, as in war, all means are used – from adding originality to the design to removing unnecessary elements that slow downloading and reduce the performance of the resource. In particular, after a redesign, the site usually does not have a “heavy” flash animation.

    Conducting a redesign “on order” does not always justify itself – most often the changes do not bring significant improvements, and the design is far from ideal, even if all the details have been thoroughly discussed.

    Redesign requires a good reason. It should be carried out, if for good reason, and the expected benefit significantly exceeds the possible negative consequences.

    Signs that the site needs a redesign:

    1. Some elements are outdated or lost their relevance (“dead” projects that have not been updated for more than a year are better to replace with a new site right away than to mess with the redesign)
    2. The site is replete with Flash animation
    3. A brand is being created based on the site, which is planned to be developed in the future vumoo.
    4. Complex intricate navigation does not allow the normal development of the project
    5. The heading of the site requires replacement or is missing – the title part is the most informative for visitors, its design should be given special attention.

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  • Title:- 5 Emerging Email Marketing Automation Tools Best for 2019

    Posted on July 9, 2019 , Best Web Development Blog, Content Marketing, Views: 420


    Today, almost 50 percent of marketers use some form of email automation tools. Growth in connectivity, with things like HR Technology, has been a Godsend for most marketers. According to Statistica, active email accounts are expected to hit 5.6 billion this year. This opens a tremendous cache for marketers. It makes good sense for businesses to develop email-marketing strategies to reach their target audience via email.
    Marketers have concluded that using automation tools to personalize email content can increase effectiveness by up to 50 percent. Simply by making email formats mobile-friendly, marketers were able to increase the rate of mobile opens. By 2018, mobile opens accounted for at least 50 percent of all email opens. A 2018 survey showed that 73 percent of marketers prioritized optimization for mobile devices.
    Let’s list out 5 of the best emerging email marketing automation tools that you can use in 2019.

    5 Best Email Marketing Automation Tools for 2019
    Email marketing tools have become highly advanced over recent years. With newer technology, tools can now also provide integration with e-commerce platforms. Most tools now offer advanced communication sequences in addition to advanced statistics. Allowing easy analysis of email sequence efficiency, marketers are able to swiftly adapt their strategies.
    Here are 5 of the most promising marketing automation tools available today:

    #1. Mailjet
    Mailjet is one of the most promising email marketing tools in the market today. It can stand to improve in some aspects but overall, offers a good suite of features for marketers. The automation tool can be used to send welcome emails to new users. In addition, you can use it to pre-schedule sequences on particular dates. So it becomes handy when you need to send out offers or just a special message on Mother’s Day.
    The most interesting feature of the Mailjet automation tool is its ability to personalize. By keeping an updated client contact profile, you can automatically send emails when a contact trait changes. You are able to include details such as purchase history, or even personal information. So basically you will be able to start an email sequence automatically when a customer makes their first purchase, for example.
    Mailjet also encourages the use of third-party applications for integrating with e-commerce platforms. Applications like Zapier, tend to work best. It is highly advisable to integrate any e-commerce platform that you might have. Providing seamless integration of technology can greatly affect your click conversion rates.

    #2. ConvertKit
    ConvertKit is a marketing automation tools developed predominantly for bloggers. But it is a valuable resource for marketers as well, because of its e-commerce integration ability. It also offers more personalization options than most other tools available. The interface is designed to be simple and easy to use.
    You can start email sequences automatically using 4 main triggers:
    A purchase taking place
    A new subscriber
    A change in a custom field, like if a customer has been inactive for a week
    Adding a Tag
    You can then connect these triggers with a range of actions or conditions. By allowing different combinations, you are able to create a nearly endless series of automation sequences.

    #3. Drip
    Drip turns out to be a highly versatile automation tool. It is simple enough to be used effectively by beginners and powerful enough to cater to professionals who demand more. The tool offers automation through two input methods, Rules, and Workflows. Rules are a simple “if this, then that” protocol. They can link to triggers across multiple platforms like your website, social media, e-commerce, etc. While Rules are used to trigger a single action, Workflows can trigger an entire sequence chain of actions.

    #4. MailChimp
    MailChimp offers a host of automation features that are highly desirable for marketers. It allows a lot of possible automation options to facilitate the implementation of your marketing strategy.
    Here are some of the basic things MailChimp will let you do:
    Generate welcome sequences
    Contact first-time customers
    Recover abandoned carts
    Follow-up on purchases
    Re-engage with inactive customers
    The possibilities that MailChimp automation tools allow are nearly endless. You also get a number of ready-made automation where the tool can suggest specific triggers depending on the nature of your action.

    #5. SendinBlue
    The best way to describe SendinBlue is a Mac Daddy of automation tools available in the market today. It offers the best in class automation for any marketing strategy that you want to implement. It allows for the creation and execution of multiple workflows simultaneously. Workflows can also have multiple points of entry or triggers. Not many other tools are capable of this feat. SendinBlue also offers a simple user interface, to add to all its other features.

    Email marketing is an important strategy to connect with customers. More service providers understand the need for businesses to connect with customers via email. That has led to the introduction of special data-heavy internet packages for businesses. Do get in touch with your service provider before you start your first email marketing campaign. Don’t know about yours, but services like ways to improve work performance could help you check about data usage caps. A market analysis showed that nearly 80 percent of users access their emails via mobile devices. Optimizing your content for mobile views would mean less data consumption and 52 percent more engagement opportunities for your business.

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  • 10 Important Factors of Website Development and Designing

    Posted on July 4, 2019 , Best Web Development Blog, Views: 372

    Web Development

    While designing and developing a website, you have to consider plenty of factors. From appearance and functionality to coding integrity and navigation, it takes a lot in creating a user-friendly and engaging website. For instance, if you go to the Frontier Internet Plans, you expect to see all the packages and their details written clearly. If the features are written ambiguously, chances are that you will go to a competitive site. People don’t have time to waste. And they have tons of options.
    Interestingly, creating a website is just the beginning. Web developers work hard in producing websites, which are ranked well, engage customers, and stimulate conversions. Looks like a lot of pressure! We are here to help you with 10 effective tips to come up with a well-designed and catchy website.

    Top 10 Tips to Effectively Design Your Website 
    Clutter-Free Design
    Catchy Color Scheme
    Online Marketing
    Creating a Credible Website
    Providing Real-Time Info
    Improved Customer Service
    Lifelong Benefits
    Cost Efficiency
    Highly Accessible
    Let’s discuss.
    Clutter-Free Design
    Consider this your first impression. In your website’s first impression, the visitor is going to notice the design, color scheme, font usage, and formatting. If it is not appealing and complex, he is probably going to lose interest immediately. Come with a design that is attractive, clutter-free, and easy to skim through. Your site essentially needs to have intuitive navigation. Don’t distract your visitors from the value and content of your brand with unnecessary graphics and large chunks of monotonous content. Remember, a clean design is essential to a positive experience.

    Catchy Color Scheme
    The color scheme is actually more important than you realize. Colors have the ability to evoke different emotional responses. When you choose colors for your website design, consider your brands’ niche, your target audience, and branding. Also, keep the elements of color therapy into consideration. Some bright colors look childish. One instance is spunky orange. It is for you to decide what kind of message do you want to convey to your users. With professional content, calmer colors go better.

    Online Marketing
    Gone are the days when conventional ways of marketing were used. Consider using SEO and SEM to promote your website. Online marketing is cost-effective. It is also quantifiable and track-able. And the best part is that you can readily and thoroughly check the results of your marketing campaigns. You can always work on improving and optimizing your marketing campaigns.

    Creating a Credible Website
    Having a professional website increases your brand’s credibility. You can increase your brand awareness if you have a credible website. Provide all the essential and authentic info about yourself, your brand, and your products. Be available to your users if they want to interact. This will increase your site’s credibility.

    Providing Real-Time Info
    Display some catchy statements about your sales and limited time offers to catch the attention of your customers. Providing all this info in real-time will help you get more customers and more sales.

    Improved Customer Service
    Customer care service is essential to every modern business in the contemporary world. Customers expect to be enlightened readily about any confusion or query that they may have. Modern technology and chatbots have made this easier for you. You can also create a comprehensive FAQ section on your website to enlighten your customers about the details of your services and products.

    Lifelong Benefits
    You may think that creating a website with so many things to consider is a daunting task. It sure is. But not without immense benefits. Your official website is a platform that will give you lifelong benefits. Therefore, to reap those benefits, invest time and effort in creating a useful website.

    Cost Efficiency
    Not everyone has tons of investment for their business. You need to focus on the growth part of your business and cut the expenses everywhere else. Having a website is the best way of cutting these expenses. To create and maintain a website, you only need a few dollars. And by marketing your website, you get to ensure continuous growth. A website alone can bring you tons of conversion.

    People are always looking for convenience in whatever they do. Even if your products are excellent, they wouldn’t want to step out and spend on fuel and take the hassle of going to a mall. You have to give them the convenience of shopping from a website. And with that, you also need to give them the convenience of providing every detail of your product. This will assist them in their online shopping and you get to generate revenue.

    Highly Accessible 
    Nothing is more accessible than a website. Smartphones and gadgets are inseparable from people. They can always access online forums and websites from anywhere in the world. No brick-and-mortar store can be that accessible. Especially if your target audience is not the population of just one city.
    If you are aiming to sell your products to the whole world, your website is going to be your best selling point. And with the reduced shipment charges across the world, this is becoming a lucrative option. For instance, you can just reach Frontier customer support via phone, you can also interact with them on their website through messaging. And that’s what most of the big and popular brands have done.

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  • CSS Custom Properties – New CSS Features to Learn in 2017

    Posted on September 29, 2017 , Best Graphic and Web Design Blog, Best Web Development Blog, Blog, Views: 2,731


    CSS Grid is one of the best layout feature and is a part of CSS toolset. Using this amazing Cfeaturesset, you can get rid of workarounds and hacks.

    In the year of 2017, CSS custom properties added new advance features. These features are helpful in the improvement of the quality of the web designing and development field. (more…)

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    Posted on June 3, 2015 , Best Web Development Blog, Views: 2,637


    In word press terminology, the term Slider is used for adding a slideshow into a webpage. Slider can be used in all kind of websites; however, they are most commonly used in business websites or professional portfolio websites. Slider provides a convenient way to display multiple images, videos, or other content in an engaging and attention grabbing way. One advantage of using a slider is that website owner can place all their important content in a visually appealing and interactive slideshow at the top of the page before their main content. This allows users to have a quick view over the website and take action.  (more…)

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  • Top 15+ Free eCommerce WordPress Themes 2015

    Posted on April 9, 2015 , Best Web Development Blog, Views: 2,775


    WordPress is no longer known as a blog publishing platform as you can easily create a business website, gaming site, create a blog or create a photography site. When all this is possible, do you think that designing an eCommerce website is not possible on WordPress? YES, it is possible, you can easily design an engaging eCommerce website to sell your services and products to prospective customers.

    In this post today, I list out some of the best free eCommerce WordPress themes that will help you to design an attractive website even on a small budget. So let’s have a look at the top 16 WordPress themes that can be availed free of cost.


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  • What Should Be Your Development Focus in 2015?

    Posted on December 23, 2014 , Best Web Development Blog, Views: 1,706


    As 2014 is wrapping up, let’s have a look at the latest web development trends that would be dominating 2015. An average internet user now-a-days requires more than an aesthetically appealing website. A well designed website with no substance gets boring. Business website that is not functional easily drives away the traffic as it gets frustrating.

    Therefore designing a website that balances functionality, aesthetic appeal, and substance would be a great combo as it will easily engage internet users to browse and find the services they are looking forward to. If you are planning to design a website in 2015, here are few development suggestions that can help you to stay ahead on your competitors. (more…)

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  • Important Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

    Posted on December 11, 2014 , Best Web Development Blog, Views: 1,897


    According to a study an increase has been observed in the number of smartphone users and it is still expected to grow. As observed, smartphone users are not just using the devices to make calls, send text messages or emails but they are also using their smart phones to connect with their friends over the social media, surf the Internet for information, shop online and make other important purchases.


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  • How to Find a Reliable Web Development Company

    Posted on November 27, 2014 , Best Web Development Blog, Views: 1,450

    Website is an investment which is done to engage the target markets. Being an online business owner, your complete focus must be on the quality of the website. Paying attention to certain other fields such as search engine optimization and Internet marketing would help you to increase the internet traffic toward your website but it is equally important to maintain the positive traffic flow.


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  • Get an Insight About Web Development

    Posted on November 26, 2014 , Best Web Development Blog, Views: 1,546

    web Development


    In today’s time, a website may be developed for professional or personal use. With the advancement in technology, people are making use of internet to access a large number of services. Now-a-days it has become possible to own a website as there is a vast array of website designing and developing companies who can help you to own a webpage.


    Web Development has become simpler, all thanks to the cutting edge technology. The developing technology is meant to benefit web developers along with the end users. Internet gives ample space to users to show their creativity to the public and hence this platform is receiving more popularity than radio or television. (more…)

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