Web Hosting Guide: Essential Things You Need To Know

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We live in a technology-driven world where people live online, instead of spending some time over the Internet to gather important information. Before hiring someone or buying a product, people check the service’s provider website to ensure they are getting the right solution to their problem. On the other side, the online presence of business provides it with an opportunity to reach a global audience and convert users into customers.

However, starting a website isn’t easy. They are several confusing things related to its development and launch which make it a daunting task. Through this article, we will try to improve your knowledge on web hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server, VPS server, and many other things that are associated with a website.

You can either develop your website on your own or hire a team of experienced developers to create it for you. An essential thing that you require to start your website is a web host.

What Is Web Hosting?

In layman’s language, web hosting can be described as a storage space to keep your website on the Internet. It is a physical space on a server that provides your website with a much-needed connection to make it accessible for others. These serves are real machines, but you can also virtually create them.

A web hosting provider, or simply a web host, is the one who provides you with web hosting and a space on a monthly/yearly basis. There are various kinds of packages associated with web hosting, and their services are things that differentiate them from each other. For example- You can check web hosting services of HostingRaja and pick a suitable one for your requirements.

There are many things that differentiate a web hosting plan from others. Some of the most common of them include storage space, bandwidth, uptime, and the number of websites you require. The more you spend on hosting, the more you get out of it.

What Are Domain And IP Address? Why Are They Important?

A domain is the name of your website. When you type the URL of a website, you write its domain name. It could be anything, ranging from your name to your business or something that is easy to remember for you and people who are going to access your website in future. On the other side, an IP address is like a mailing address of your website. It helps to provide users with the right direction to your website.

Different Types of Hosting Plans

Although all kinds of hosting plans help you manage your website in an efficient manner, there are some things that make these plans differ from each other. Generally, the thing that differentiates them is how resources are allocated to your website.

Below are some hosting plans:

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, it is a kind of hosting where all the available resources- including bandwidth and storage space- under this plan are shared with websites on one server. It is a cost-effective web hosting plan that you can get to bundle many small websites on a single server. However, the package comes with slow load time and high down-time.

Dedicated Hosting

When you are given an entire machine or a dedicated server to manage the working of your website, you probably have a dedicated website host. Although it is a little expensive than shared hosting, it ensures that a single website gets all the available resources. You can get a cost-effective dedicated server at HostingRaja.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting, or popularly called VPS hosting, is a private server that you can get to reserve resources only for your website. Only you have access to these resources. Here, several partitions are created on a physical VPS server to ensure that your website doesn’t feel any kind of restraint, which is common in shared hosting. VPS hosting is also securer and more reliable than shared hosting services.

Cloud Hosting

Similar to modern-day cloud technology, cloud hosting connects several servers with each other to share resources and empower your website. It is completely opposite to VPS hosting where one server is divided into several portions. One of the most useful features of cloud hosting is that you experience uptime in the case of your website. Although cloud hosting was expensive in the past, there are many cost-effective plans available today.

Which Is The Best Web Hosting For You?

Now, you are clear about all the web hosting plans. This will make it easy for you to pick the right one for you. To understand more, you can check more details about them on HostingRaja.

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