Web Traffic Declines in December- “Reason and explanation”

December 30, 2015 • Internet Marketing Blog - SEO, SEM and SMO • Views: 1,212

Web Traffic Declines in December- “Reason and explanation”

We are almost at the end of the year, December is incredibly crucial time for entrepreneur to protect their brand from sudden losses. As company suffers severe declination in the web traffic, which ultimately effects on business revenue. Many people rumoured that this gradually happens because of the poor SEO strategies, but this is not right, there is nothing to do with the SEO organic ranking.

There are numerous US, Europe and Canada based companies which faces this declination, especially in the end of the month, this is mainly because of the festive season. December is the month of holidays, people are on vacation and spending their holidays with friends and families; enjoying zestful cuisines, doing shopping and indulge in various other fun activities. That means no time for browsing the web, which results the sudden decline in the web traffic.

Multifarious companies’ affects by this sudden loss, especially big IT firms, Manufacturer companies, Real Estate, etc. This is the time when folks want to eliminate all their worries so they avoid all the technologies that separate them from their family. And this is the main reason why web traffic decline in the month of December. Apart from this, there are also some companies that are untouched or are slightly affected from this hurdle such as automobiles, food industries and entertainment world which is far from this loss.

This is the main reasons by which numerous firms experience a sudden web traffic, and if you are also facing the same problem these days, you have to take certain majors to improve your web traffic and here are several ways to combat the holiday traffic slump. Here are some tips to engaging the visitors during this time of the year.

Be Mobile
Today, most of the people widely use the Internet, so it is crucial to make your online presence in those small mobile devices too. No matter in which sector you are dealing with, making your brand online presence is obligatory to enhance the business growth. The mobile market is huge, and almost every person carry Smart Phones these days. Making your website responsive is the best way to attain profit in the business.

But it is not enough that you have a website that can be accessed through the mobile phone, what is important is that your mobile web design helps attract visitors and converts them into customers. Mobile phones are also very efficient to enhance the web traffic even during the holiday season. As Smart Phones and tablets have become less expensive over the years, making them more prominent. So, if you are travelling or away from your computer, you are still able to get online through mobile devices.

Be Social
The holiday season is also very popular in social media. People love to share their pictures on many social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Many folks posting the gifts to their loved ones or even spreading holiday cheer to them over numerous social media sites. So, it is the best time to grab the opportunity to boost your business’ social media presence. This way you can engage your customers and generate a strong bond between you and your customers.

These are some strategies that are effective to enhance your web traffic after the sudden decline. Use the holiday season as a time connects with your targeted audience and build a strong relationship that will last long after the New Year.

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