Why investing in Swift based Apps is a smart move for developer and user?

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Why investing in Swift based Apps is a smart move for developer and user?

Let’s welcome SWIFT to the world of coding language, unveiled by Apple at WWDC that brings numerous benefits and bestows a key change in how programmers can develop apps for the iPad as well as iPhone. Erstwhile, Apple has been depending on Objective-C, which was rested on the basis of the venerable C programming language. Broadly speaking swift is a ground-breaking new programming language for Cocoa touch & Cocoa (programming frameworks for iOS and Mac OS X, respectively). Writing code is pleasurable & interactive, the syntax is short & snappy yet meaningful.

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What is Apple’s newly announced Swift programming language?

Swift is a revolutionary programming language, but it is meant to work side by side with current Objective-C programs. This empowers programmers to add Swift code to current apps devoid of replacing all the codes of Objective-C. If swift stands out even partly on his terms, it could be a big bonanza for companies that always wish to come up with new iPhone apps.

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How swift is better than objective C

1)     It has clean syntax

Swift is made to be a much simpler programing language to code and read. Its syntax doesn’t need any semi-colons at the end of every line and functions are simpler to comprehend. There are fewer symbols needed to code. On the whole, Swift is much more functional than Objective-C.

2)     Automatically manage the swift’s memory

There is no need to manage memory allocation in swift as its symbols are formatted prior to use, aligns and integers are ensured for overflow and thus, memory is handled automatically. Its memory management will certainly make apps more authentic, which will benefit both developers as well as non-developers.

3)     Immediate Result

Another advantage of Swift is that developers can write code and see the results instantaneously. However, in Objective C, programmers type code line after line in a text box, then pile up those results — at times it’s become a long-drawn-out, awful, depressive task — and wait to get the end product.

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Does creating an app in swift will actually affect a Business owner in terms of price & time?

Well… All such alterations that Apple has made to make things simple for developers also make things cost-effective, easy and time saver for users.

Saves your time: –

While designing an app developer spends plenty of time in unriddling small bugs, which are at time difficult to locate & relate to stupid mistakes like missing semi colons or closing the bracket. However, in Swift developer can locate & unriddle the mistake more quickly. This leads to faster release, prompt updates and ameliorate the features of your app.

Add new features: –

As discussed above that Swift shows an immediate result for writing code, it allows coders to carry out their actions more effortlessly and with concise code. For you as an app owner this could potentially mean adding new features, which had been trickier to put into operation in the past. And of course, it certainly means that your apps will be quicker than ever before. Moreover, with it you can also enhance your existing app features and yield more productive results with your app.

Provides uninterrupted usage: –

At time you might have confronted a situation where crash occurs in your app & you have to begin the app with starting. This is because of some issues related to safety features that the developer may not have envisioned. However, Swift is an improved version preventing from issues with false data input.

Reduce maintenance & update cost: –

With the help of Swift your developer can rewrite some portions of your code in order to reduce the update and maintenance cost, moreover, to escort you from devolution and increased productivity of developers will abridge the cost of app development.

More reliable: –

Its memory management will certainly make apps more authentic, which will benefit both users as well as developers that show the dominance of your app over your competitors’ app.

Good visual effects: –

Making Swift based app will greatly beautify your graphic performance by imparting good visual effects via animated Spritekit scene (an inbuilt game framework). It has potential to allow developers to create apps more promptly as per your need.

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