Why Should We Use Large Images In Our Website?

September 9, 2014 • Latest Technology News and Articles • Views: 1,159

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By the end of the year we normally see few changes in designing pattern. Some remain same and some get modified. The fact is that someone somewhere is always tries to put extra efforts in making new trends in designing. One of the common patterns that we are observing is use of large images, which was introduced in 2013. Large images not only provide a high-quality contrast but also their message is clear and attractive

Why large images?

It gives a pleasurable visual effect to the eyes and eye-popping photography has an effect that is invincible. We ought not to overlook the scientific truth that our mind processes pictures 60,000 times quicker than reading content.

Influential images might be paramount to make a striking and remarkable site. When you effectively use large images, website appears to be simple, but an attractive one. One thing you ought to keep in mind is that the usage of large images will make your site outwardly congested
so ensure that other components harmonize the images.

3 common errors to evade when working on large photograph websites

  • Conflict with different sizes: Resolution is a term connected with each sort of design however it turns out to be completely important to comprehend when using large images. You need to test with diverse resolutions and consider the width of different browsers.
  • Loading Time: The size of file will get increased with the use of large images along with high resolution and good quality. This will significantly increase the loading time. So as to get hints on how to optimize the site you can use Firebug or similar plugins.
  • Wrong Format: Due to meager format selection you may face problem in loading. In order to avoid loading time select the web standard formats for example PNG, GIF and JPEG.

Advantages of Using Large Images as Background:

1. Show photography art work:

Creative mind of artists and designers when mix with the influential instruments of recent digital age like SLR’s, huge screen resolutions, Photoshop and High-speed internet create some truly ravishing pieces of art. Is there any better place to show such art than the background of your portfolio page, or using the background to show a new work either a building, attire or any other product image that you deal in?

2. Make user friendly site

You must know how it is essential that your site clearly convey what about the purposes and visions of your business. Large images used as backgrounds are really an incredible approach to communicate this reason promptly and readily. There are numbers of businesses who are using this effect on their websites like hotels, car architects and other businesses.

3. Show your products

One reason why numerous retailers and organizations are utilizing large background on their sites is to show their products. What better approach to promote for the new hotel than to have its image as the background of the site.
What are your plans to use these large images? Which website you like most that uses large images and looks incredibly beautiful?

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