Why you need a mobile app to promote your business?

July 24, 2014 • App Development Blog for iPhone and Android • Views: 1,110

Why you need a mobile app to promote your business?

There was a time when mobiles were hardly seen. At that time they were reckoned as a luxury item, but today it has become a necessity and it is hard to imagine life without mobiles. In our school days our teachers have told us that in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, but does he knows that after almost 100 years Martain Cooper will invent the next generation of phone i.e. mobile phone. And does he ever thought his invention will become an indispensable necessity that with it we can earn a big amount of money and increase our brand awareness.

Yes you heard right mobile apps can be an ingenious way to endorse the other facets of your business. A mobile app has the ability to bring more people as well as provoke existing customers to purchase more frequently.

Before getting into why you need a mobile app to promote your business, let’s check out some interesting statistics:

  • Out of 4+ billion mobile users, around 1 billion are Smartphone users.
  • By 2015, desktop internet usage will be overtaken by mobile internet users
  • In 2014, more than 60% of local searches are done on Smartphones
  • Apple has the greatest Smartphone market, followed by Android, Windows and Blackberry.

After going through these statistics it’s time to understand its necessity and what benefits it can endow us. Following are some ways that mobile app can help you to promote your business:

Allow users to buy/avail your products/services from your app: Apps make it simple and snappy for users to take snap buying decisions. It also gives them an opportunity to browse products in their free time like spare time in traveling or while waiting for food in restaurant.

Develop an informational mobile app: For instance, these days’ lots of interactive eBooks are developed in the form of app. It’s a groovy technique to deliver info in an enjoyable and joyful manner.

Use mobile apps for business promotions: An additional advantage of developing a groovy app is that you can use it for promoting your business. You can make use of it to promote events, services and products at no cost.

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Site-Duplicate mobile app: Quite lots of apps are just designed to make the functionality easier for a complex site. For instance, the Facebook app is truly like Facebook, apart from it is designed for the mobiles. Developing an app like this can help increase the number of customers and their experience as well

Develop an app for your business exposure: Creating a top-quality app may not generate you direct income, but you will surely get wide exposure, which will help you get both investor and clients (indirectly leading to earn money).

Use as elevator pitch: Whenever somebody asks what you do, show a short presentation that displays highlight of your company in 30 seconds.

Develop an app for events: If your business involves in any event, workshops, conference or seminars, you could design an app for it. It could have specific functionality like who to meet, event map, user profiles, schedule etc.

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